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The Covert Narcissist

Updated: Jun 8

Not all narcissists present the same. Some are more obvious; arrogant, full of themselves, love telling everyone how amazing they are, only want to surround themselves with other high status people or things, lack empathy and openly exploit others without guilt or remorse.

The covert narcissist is harder to spot. They can appear very charming, not obviously wanting the limelight, preferring to play the victim, the martyr or saint, whilst psychologically abusing you very covertly, so others don't see what you see and therefore, struggle to believe you when you call it out.

They are like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Hidden out of sight, yet capable of very destructive behaviour. Like all narcissists, their need for admiration is so strong - they need their narcissistic supply to survive - so they will do everything in their power to protect their false facade. Cross them at your peril. The wolf in them, will launch a ferocious attack if their image feels threatened by you.

Keep an eye out for the red flags. If something feels off with someone's behaviour it usually is. Get curious.

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